How To Find The Best Ski Goggles

How To Find The Best Ski Goggles

When you are out on the slopes, there are many different types of equipment that you will need. For example, you will obviously need your skis, or you will not be doing much besides watching others ski. You will also need a helmet to ensure that you remain safe in the event of an unfortunate tumble.

One of the more key pieces of equipment that does not get that much light shed on it (or rather, it does) is your pair of ski goggles. Today, we are going to be looking for the best pair of ski goggles around.

UV Protection

We will be examining several price ranges so we can ensure that everyone will find the best budget ski goggles as well as the best rated ski goggles.

Before we get to our five reviews, we will be taking a look at some of the reasons why it is important to find a good pair of ski goggles. After that, we will check out some of the more critical aspects that you should search for in the best value ski goggles. These two next sections should help ease the process for first-time buyers.

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Why You Should Choose Your Ski Goggles Carefully

Finding the best ski goggles for the money is one of the most important things you can do when you are assembling your skiing kit. Of course, it is important to ensure that you purchase top quality equipment for every aspect of skiing. It can be a relatively high-risk sport when you don't have to worry about your gear failing on you.

Ski goggles in particular, however, should be carefully considered for many reasons. The first of these reasons is identical to the reason why you should take care when you are buying any product which is decently expensive.

Ski Goggles


You don’t want to end up spending over 100 dollars on what you thought were the best ski goggles, only to find out that they are poorly built.

This is why you have to ensure the product you are buying is of sufficient quality to be worth the money that you are paying. While you may assume that the price may be a good indicator of a model’s quality, you would be surprised by what we have learned after spending time in the review business.

Sometimes, you will find that the most expensive products feature the worst value for money. This does not mean that all expensive products feature poor quality.

In fact, they tend to feature quality which is rather good, but you will also be able to find products at half of the price which feature the same level of quality, just a different brand name.

This is why you can't rely on prices and brands to sell you the best ski goggles; you will instead have to do research into what you need most and find out which models are best through our reviews. Just because a brand is recognizable, it does not mean that they are automatically worth your money.

UV Damage And Snow Blindness

Another reason why you should be careful when you are purchasing a new pair of ski goggles is that they are responsible for protecting your eyes from (possibly permanent) damage. Ski goggles are made to protect your eyes from UV light, which is a spectrum of light higher than that which is visible.

Skiing presents the greatest risk for UV damage because of an unfortunate mix of circumstances which makes for the greatest chance of UV light entering our eyes. UV light is amplified at higher altitudes such as when you are skiing on top of a mountain, so it is already bad enough, but it gets worse.

Electric EG2 Ski Goggles Review

Due to the snow which covers the ground, you will find that the UV light ends up bouncing off of the highly reflective snow since white reflects all wavelengths of color, even some we can't see. This means that you don't have to be looking at the sun to have your eyes damaged by UV radiation, just the ground.

If your eyes are exposed to UV rays for too long, you can end up temporarily or permanently losing sight. Since you will be trusting the health of your eyes to your ski goggles, it is important to ensure that you purchase the best ski goggles possible.

On What To Pay Attention When Choosing Your Ski Goggles

Here are some important things to pay attention:

Frame Size and Fit

The most important thing to ensure when you are buying a new pair of ski goggles is that they fit you. You can have the best ski goggles in the world, but if they don’t fit you, you won’t be able to use them. There are many ways that you can ensure that you get the best fitting ski goggles possible.

Oakley Flight Deck Ski Goggles


Of course, the most obvious way to make sure that your ski goggles fit you properly when making an online purchase is to measure the dimensions of your head and compare them to the sizing chart. It is even easier if you are buying your ski goggles in person, as you can just try them on.

Another way to ensure that your ski goggles will have a proper fit on your face is to purchase ski goggles which are designed for your gender. For example, the best mens ski goggles will often be wider and feature a larger space for the bridge of your nose due to the differences between men and women.

On the other hand, the best ski goggles for women will feature a more narrow design that works better with the features of women. There are also unisex ski goggles that should fit both genders, but they will not usually fit as well as the models which are designed for a particular sex.

Whatever you do, ensure that you get ski goggles that are the perfect size for you, as you may think a pair is comfortable when you first try it on, but it may end up getting progressively worse. A poor fit is the main complaint that will lead to a skier replacing their goggles since it ruins their protection against gusting wind and blowing snow.

Helmet Compatibility

When you are buying your ski goggles, you will often want to purchase a helmet at the same time. This is because you will need to buy ski goggles which are compatible with a helmet. The meaning of helmet compatibility can vary based on the combination of helmet and goggles that you are considering.

Ski Gear

For example, for some models, helmet compatibility merely means that you will be able to wear your helmet and ski goggles at the same time. On other models, it means that you can push up your goggles and have them positioned in a slot around the front of your helmet if you want a reprieve.

Lens Color And Shape

You should also take the shape and color of the lenses featured on your preferred set of ski goggles into consideration. There are two main shapes that ski goggles can be found in. The first shape is cylindrical, which is only curved vertically, these tend to be cheaper, but they slightly distort your vision.

Spherical lenses, on the other hand, are curved in both directions, as you may have guessed from the name. This makes for more natural light diffusion as the spherical surface mimics the surface of your eyeballs. The color of your lenses will determine how effective they will be during either brighter or darker days.

The lens brightness scale goes from category one to category four, with category one being the clearest lenses and category four being the darkest and providing the most light protection.

UV And Anti-Fog Protection

If you are hoping to ensure that your ski goggles remain clear for the duration of your ski trip, it is important to ensure that they have sufficient fog protection. The best anti-fog ski goggles will feature two lenses separated by a layer of foam around the sides to prevent fog from forming on the surface.

Smith Optics I/OX Ski Goggles Review

UV protection is provided by the lenses themselves. You will find that polarized lenses offer the most UV protection out of any other kind of lens. You can usually tell if a lens is polarized because the outer surface will be highly reflective. Most modern ski goggles feature polarized lenses for this reason.


Most ski goggles feature vents through which the heat which is produced by your body can escape. When this heat is stuck in your goggles and it interacts with the cold, exterior air, you will find that your goggles fog up. Together with double lenses, you will find that venting does the most to prevent fogging up.

Best Ski Goggles Over $100

This is our recommendation for the best ski goggles over $100:

Winner - Oakley Flight Deck Ski Goggles

These are the best Oakley ski goggles that you will find for sale. This is their top offering in this product category, as these goggles are inspired by the helmets worn by fighter pilots, which is the reason for their Flight Deck model name. If you don’t mind the slightly higher price of 200 dollars, then these are the best goggles for you.


  • Features nine different options for colors
  • Features a quick-swap lens frame for easier lens switching
  • ​Features a rimless lens which ensures that you have adequate peripheral vision
  • Features full protection against all UV waves: UVA, UVB, and UVC
  • ​These goggles are compatible with most types of ski helmets
  • The notched frame allows you to wear prescription glasses under these goggles


There are so many features that we love from these goggles that we don’t even know where to start. You will find that their quality lenses offer 100% protection against all forms of UV radiation, including UVA, UVB, and UVC, so you won’t have to worry about going snowblind when you wear these.

Oakley Flight Deck Ski Goggles


Our Rating

The frameless design of these ski goggles ensures that you will be able to see everything around you with ease, unlike other models which will block your peripheral vision with a frame. The inner frame of these ski goggles is even notched so that they may accommodate prescription eyeglasses with little to no discomfort.

These ski goggles are also very compatible with different kinds of helmets, so you will rarely ever have to worry about matters of compatibility. That is, of course, the case as long as your helmet is compatible with ski goggles.

The lenses on this model can also be swapped out with relative ease, so you choose the best lens for the current light conditions. Finally, we are also huge fans of the look of these goggles, as their spherical design and colors are stylish and modern, with the Oakley log featured prominently on the headband.

Runner Up - Smith Optics I/OX Ski Goggles

The runner up in our review for the best ski goggles over one hundred dollars is this model from Smith Optics. There are no too many differences between these and the Oakley goggles that we reviewed previously. The two products are even available for the same price, at 200 dollars.


  • These goggles come available in 11 different frame colors
  • Features a choice of two lenses: a red mirrored lens for darker days and a green mirrored lens for bright days
  • ​Lens can be quickly swapped out without difficulty
  • Features a proprietary 5X anti-fog inner lens​
  • Features a QuickFit strap system
  • DriWix facial foam wicks away sweat
  • Compatible with helmets and prescription glasses


As with the Oakleys, you will find that these ski goggles are compatible with a huge range of helmets, as long as the chosen helmet is made to support ski goggles. These goggles will also work for those who wear prescription glasses, so you don’t have to worry about any issues with fitting them under your goggles.

Smith Optics I/OX Goggle


Our Rating

The use of an ultra-wide strap on these goggles ensures that they will remain in position, even during the most intense bouts of skiing. There are few things which are more frustrating than ski goggles getting out of position and then being unable to adjust them while you are barreling down a hill.

These goggles come included with the typical microfiber bag which can double as a cleaning cloth, and they also come with a sleeve for a replacement set of lenses if you choose to purchase them. This model comes with a choice of two lenses, one which is optimized for brighter conditions, and one which is optimized for darkness.

Best Ski Goggles Under $100

Here's our recommendation for the best ski goggles under $100:

Winner - Dragon Alliance NFX Ski Goggles

These are the best ski goggles that you will find available for less than 100 dollars. They can be found for about 90 dollars, which is a very reasonable price for goggles of the quality. You have a choice of 15 different colors and lens options so that you will find the best possible ski goggles for the prevailing conditions.


  • Features a cylindrical lens for a more affordable price
  • Available in a choice of 15 different colors
  • ​Lenses can be quickly swapped out without the use of tools
  • ​Features an armored venting system built into the frame
  • Features a minimal frame to allow for greater peripheral vision
  • ​Features triple layer face foam for greater comfort
  • Features Super AFT (anti-fog treated) lenses
  • Features NFX lenses which offer 100% UV protection


The lenses, which feature anti-fog treatment, are highly resistant to both fogging up and scratching. This is due to the combination of super AFT and the armored venting system which ensures that the heat from your face will get out of your ski goggles, but snow and water will not make their way in.

Dragon Alliance NFX Ski Goggles


Our Rating

The minimalistic frame ensures that you will have no issues with the goggles blocking your peripheral vision. That very same frame makes it much easier to swap out the lenses of your ski goggles on the fly without having to worry about a complicated teardown process, like some other models.

These goggles are also very comfortable when they are sitting on your face; you will find that the triple foam lining is responsible for this. The foam which is used is hypoallergenic, so you don't have to worry about suffering an adverse reaction because of this particular model of ski goggles.

Runner Up - Electric EG2 Ski Goggles

This is another set of ski goggles which are more affordable than average. You will find that the 84 dollar price point is very reasonable when compared to other models, and these goggles offer quite a few advantages over other options which feature a low price. These goggles have many features that we would like to discuss.


  • Available in a choice of 17 different frame colors
  • Features six options for lens colors, each for different conditions
  • Features an oversized lens with a minimal frame that allows for better vision
  • ​Features full UV protection
  • Spherical lenses allow for less vision distortion
  • ​Lenses feature a coating that resists fog and scratching
  • ​Features a separate anti-reflective coating
  • Features triple-layer face foam which is contoured
  • Features a 40mm strap which may be adjusted


For example, there are several coatings on these goggles which work to ensure that they remain in good condition and offer sufficient protection. One of these coatings is an anti-reflective coating which ensures that you will not be blinded by any reflections, an occurrence which is all too common while skiing.

Ski Goggles


Our Rating

The next coating is one which ensures that the goggles are both resistant to fogging up and scratching. Scratch resistance is highly important as you don’t want your vision to be compromised by a scratch, which may necessitate an entirely new lens. Fog resistance, on the other hand, ensures that you can see at all times.

The contoured face foam which is present on this model ensures that you will not have any issues with discomfort, like on some other kinds of ski goggles. These are also some of the cheapest ski goggles that you will find available with spherical lenses. These lenses ensure proper light diffusion and superior comfort.

Best Ski Goggles Under $50

Here's our recommendation for the best ski goggles under $50:

Bolle Carve Ski Goggles

If you want an affordable pair of ski goggles that is still worth your money, you will find few better options than the Bolle Carve ski goggles. These goggles can be found for the meager price of 40 dollars, but this does not mean that they are lacking in quality when they are compared to other products on this list.


  • These goggles come in a choice of 4 different colors
  • Features a ventilated lens for superior fog resistance
  • The lenses are treated for both fog and scratch resistance
  • Features double-layer face foam for superior comfort
  • The double lens ensures that fog does not build up and keeps the interior warm
  • These goggles are compatible with most ski helmets


These goggles feature many measures which ensure that you will not have to deal with fog build up. For example, the double lenses keep fog from building up, but the inner lens is also treated with a coating which ensures that water molecules will disperse before being able to form a layer of fog.

Bolle Carve Snow Goggle

Our Rating

Another measure which prevents fog from accumulating inside of your lenses is the directional venting system. This set of goggles features two vents: one for the air to come in, and one for the air to go back out. If you are hoping to ensure that the heat from your face does not generate fog, this is your solution.

The outer lens on this model is made out of highly resilient carbo-glas, which is a proprietary lens material made by Bolle. You will find that these lenses can not only resist scratches and scuffs, like other ski goggles, but they are also highly resistant to impact damage.


We hope that we have managed to present five of the best ski goggles available adequately. As you can see, there are so many choices, and they all depend on the amount of money that you are willing to spend.

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