Dragon Alliance NFX Ski Goggles Review

Dragon Alliance NFX Ski Goggles Review

Ski goggles are useful for many different reasons. You will find that you should wear ski goggles whenever you are performing any activity at a high altitude when surrounded by snow, not just skiing.

You may be wondering why ski goggles are so crucial, so we are going to outline some of the reasons before we move on to our review.

The main reason why you should wear ski goggles is that they can protect your eyes from permanent damage. UV radiation is the culprit that is responsible for damaging your eyes when you find yourself in conditions similar to those on top of a mountain, where people usually ski.

Dragon Alliance NFX Ski Goggles

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You may be wondering just how bad it can be, but you would be surprised by how dangerous it is to have your eyes exposed to UV radiation. Ultraviolet is a band of light which is situated just above the visual spectrum, hence the name ultraviolet, since violet is the highest band of visible light that our eyes can see.

Too much ultraviolet light can end up irreversibly damaging your eyes. The process is strikingly similar to a sunburn, which makes sense because ultraviolet rays are responsible for sunburns as well. When your eye gets exposed to too much UV light, you will have trouble seeing, or you may even lose sight altogether.

The reason why this occurs when skiing more than in any other activity is that ultraviolet let becomes less and less diluted the higher up you go since it will have to pass through less air. Combine this with the highly reflective surface of the snow which surrounds you, and it makes for a quick way to go snowblind.

The reason why ski goggles are so effective at diminishing UV light and stopping the damage for occurring is that their lenses are polarized, which blocks out the transmission of UV rays.

Fit And Size

The fit of your ski goggles is one of the most important things to take into consideration before you make your purchase. If ski goggles don't fit you well enough, you will find that they will often be infiltrated by snow and the wind, which makes wearing them quite uncomfortable and can even make you sick.

Dragon Alliance NFX Ski Goggles

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Aside from the discomfort of having to deal with snow and wind getting blown into your goggles, you will find that a proper fit can help prevent you from getting injured. If something was to suddenly blow into your goggles while you were speeding down the mountain, you could find yourself in danger.

Most goggles tend to come in one size which is meant to fit all users. These goggles usually feature adjustable straps which allow you to set the perfect size for your head. There are also children’s goggles, however, as adult goggles cannot be adjusted to the point that they would fit a child.

Something interesting to keep in mind, however, is that goggles are also sized by gender, due to different facial features between men and women. There are also unisex goggles, however, that are meant to fit anyone regardless of sex, making them much more versatile and also ensuring that you can share them with others.

About The Product

These ski goggles are made by Dragon Alliance. While this company may sound like something out of a fantasy novel, you will find that they are one of the better makers of ski goggles and other, similar accessories.


  • These goggles feature a traditional cylindrical lens
  • There are 15 different color schemes to choose from
  • ​Features lenses which can be quickly swapped out
  • Comes included with a frame-mounted armored venting system
  • ​Minimalistic frame allows for superior visibility
  • Face foam is triple-layered for added comfort
  • ​Lenses feature a super anti-fog treated lenses
  • Lenses offer full UV protection


You may be wondering what makes these ski goggles worth it. We would say that it is a combination of the excellent pricing and the quality that you get for that low price. First of all, these goggles feature a very good field of view due to the very small frame that is positioned under the lens.

Dragon Alliance NFX Ski Goggles

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​Speaking of the lenses, they are incredibly resistant to fog thanks to a number of treatments and features. For example, the armored venting system helps vent your body heat out of the goggles. This feature ensures that you will not have any issues dealing with temperature management and fogging in your goggles.

​The lenses are also treated with super AFT (anti-fog treatment) which ensures that the venting system does not have to work alone to negate any fogging. If you are tired of your lenses fogging up with other types of ski goggles, you will find that this model is the best option available.

What Others Say

We also took a look at customer reviews, so we could find what specific aspects they liked about this product. Most of them were highly impressed by the wide range of color options for both the frame and the lenses. This ensures that you will always be able to see, no matter the conditions or the brightness of your surroundings.

Dragon Alliance NFX Ski Goggles

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There were few negative reviews. One of the more prevalent complaints was that it was rather difficult to look down while wearing these goggles. Aside from this minor issue, however, you will find that these goggles were pretty well received by consumers.

Buying Advice

These goggles are one of the more affordable options that don't end up sacrificing quality. If you want ski goggles that will work well and ensure that you have an enjoyable user experience, but you don't want to spend over 100 dollars, these are the best option. These goggles can be found for about 90 dollars.


We hope that this review has helped you decide on whether these are the right goggles for your needs. These goggles are reliable, available for a reasonable price, and they have a good range of extra features to ensure that they are as user-friendly as possible.

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