Electric EG2 Ski Goggles Review

Electric EG2 Ski Goggles Review

There are several distinct parts of ski goggles that all end up coming together to ensure that you can have the most enjoyable skiing experience possible. Before we move on to our review, we are going to take a look at some of these components and examine how they contribute to the goggles as a whole.

The most crucial part of your ski goggles is the lens. There can be one or multiple lenses, but on most modern ski goggles, you will find at least two lenses. Having two lenses separated by a layer of foam around the periphery ensures that your goggles will have a harder time fogging up due to temperature exchanges.

Electric EG2 Ski Goggles

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The lenses can be found in many different shapes and colors, all of which have their own unique purpose. Beneath (or sometimes around) the lenses, you will find the frame. Two main frame varieties are featured on ski goggles. The first type of frame (and the more traditional style) is the wraparound frame.

Frames which wrap around your goggles may end up obstructing your peripheral vision, but you will find that they offer superior durability, as they are capable of absorbing shocks from the side.

The other type of frames is the hidden style, which is placed underneath your lenses. This facilitates replacement of your lenses and improves vision.

The last part of your ski goggles that is a primary component is the band, this part wraps around your head and keeps the goggles properly positioned. The band can be made out of several different materials, but the most common option is nylon thanks to its excellent durability and flexibility.

These are the integral components of ski goggles that you should know before shopping for a pair. As you may have noticed, ski goggles are not that complicated and there are only a few necessary components.


One of the most important aspects to search for in a good pair of ski goggles is sufficient clarity. If your ski goggles are lacking in quality, you will find it difficult to spot obstacles out in the distance and prepare for them beforehand. Vision is one of the most important things while you are skiing.

Ski Goggles

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There are many different materials out of which ski goggles are made, but you will find that all modern models are made out of some form of plastic. Plastic is the preferred material since has a much lower chance of injuring you in case you have an accident and it ends up breaking.


Speaking of the possibility of your ski goggles breaking, you will find that durability is one of the most important features to search for as it will ensure that your ski goggles last you a long time. Skiing is a very rigorous sport, and you will want to make sure that your goggles can endure those rigors.

For example, most skiers have had a few close calls with trees. When you are barreling down a hill at full speed and twigs are snapping at you, most skiers tend to be thankful for their goggles. If your goggles wouldn't be able to withstand those high-speed impacts, you may end up injured.

About The Product

Electric is an eyewear manufacturer from California that specializes in durable, yet trendy and attractive eyewear for both sports and leisure. This product embodies that design philosophy, featuring a highly attractive frame combined with excellent build quality.


  • There is a choice of 17 different colors for the frames of these goggles
  • There are six different lenses available for various light conditions
  • ​Features an oversized lens which allows for better peripheral vision
  • Provides 100% protection against UV rays
  • ​Features spherical lenses for better vision
  • Features fog- and scratch-resistant coating for the lenses
  • ​Lenses also feature an anti-reflective coating
  • Triple-layer face foam helps improve comfort


We were highly impressed with this pair of ski goggles since they come available in a variety of different colors for both the frames and the lenses. If you are looking for ski goggles that are guaranteed to be stylish and attractive, you will find few better options than this pair from Electric.

Ski Goggles

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The inclusion of triple-layer face foam ensures that these ski goggles are some of the most comfortable ones that you will ever find. When combined with the oversized lens, you will find that these goggles offer an excellent fit which is not too tight but still doesn't allow a measurable amount of snow or wind to enter.

The lenses are also covered in a multitude of coatings. One of these coatings is designed to prevent damage and scratching. The next coating is there to ensure that the lenses don't end up fogging up because of your body heat. The third coating ensures that reflections don't end up blinding you.

What Others Say

We also looked at what others had to say about this product, and thankfully, most of the feedback was positive. As we expected, most of the customers who reviewed this product ended up praising the sleek, modern looks. Other customers were impressed by the ease with which you can adjust the headband.


Source: electriccalifornia.com

Regarding negatives, some users had issues with the durability of this model, stating that it was a little too susceptible to impact damage. Without further information, it is hard to tell whether this was the fault of the users or the fault of the goggles.

Buying Advice

These goggles are reasonably affordable for such a stylish product. You will find that they are a mid-range model which is available for a mid-range price. We had no issues with the pricing, which is set at a perfectly affordable 90 dollars.


If you are looking for the most stylish ski goggles around, this model from Electric may be the best option at your disposal. We hope that our review has been comprehensive enough for your needs and we thank you for taking the time to read it.

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